28th August 2021.

The pattern plate used for making the lioness and "Garrett" plates fitted on the undertype steam wagons is in the Longshop Museum. It should be noted that the lioness and "Garrett" plate are separate items, which were rivetted together. These plates were produced in brass and aluminium. 

lioness pattern plate 1200

The following pattern is thin and I think it might be an insert used on patterns for slide valve covers.

sv cover plate 1200

Fancy "GARRETT" nameplate pattern. I am still trying to work out what this plate would have been fitted on, the style suggests it is from the 1930s or later.

Garrett fancy nameplate 1200

5th April 2021 - "MASIE"

This nameplate is brass and approximately the same shape and size as a Fowler works plate. It came from my late father-in-law's collection but I don't know the details of the engine it came from. I vaguely recall that he said it came from a Foden in London but I might have mis-heard or not remembered correctly what he said. Does anyone know of any engines called "MASIE" that could have worn this plate?

IMG 1714 1201

IMG 1715 1201

IMG 1716 1201 

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