Garretts produced SD drawings (Standard Details) for regularly used components, material specifications, limits and fits and instructions for various operations such as setting of piston valves and packing for export. They were numbered in the series SD1 to SD925. SD1 was issued on 14th September 1904 and titled "Foreaxles for No 21/2, 3, 4 and 5 portables". The early drawings, up to approximate number SD288, are drawn on sheets of varying size but after that they are generally drawn on a standard sheet size 131/2" x 101/2" and filed in large books. There appears to be a general misconception that copies of the SD drawings do not exist but that is not the case. There are copies in the Suffolk Record Office and we have some in our collection.

SD book A book containing drawings SD289 onwards.

SD749 bookAn example of one of the later SD drawings, SD749 showing the ashpan door operating gear details.

We have a large number of these drawings in two volumes, which are mainly duplicated but there are some omissions from both.

SD index 6

Page 6 of the alphabetical index of the small standard sheets.

The following illustrations are typical examples of the small SD drawings. 


SD510 Brass mixtures. As you can see by the handwritten addition, this SD was superseded by SD907 on 20/10/21.


SD918 Plug Gauges, these give the "go/no go" limits for S fits (sliding) and P fits (press) for components. SD drawings are provided for the other fits listed on the drawings.


SD923 1/2" Asbestos Packed cylinder cocks. Incidentally, I required five of these for my wagon and found that the water gauge drain cocks supplied by the likes of Chanter Biomed and Heritage Steam Services were a very good substitute, although slight modification (removal of the spigot to support the ball in the bottom fitting) was necessary.

I have made a .pdf copy of the SD index which I have decided to make available and a copy will be sent on request. High resolution photographic copies of SD drawings can also be purchased from me, if I have them in the collection. The small standard sheets are £1.00 per sheet and the large drawings are £5.00 each. All proceeds will go towards conservation of the collection and maintenance of the website. If you require any copies or information please contact me by email at the following address please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you have any further questions or information on this subject, please feel free to contact Michael Walters