We have attempted to compile a list of the known surviving Garrett trailers. We are not including surviving threshing machines or living vans. If you know of any other survivors please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15783, 6 ton trailer new to Sir Alfred Herbert, Whitchurch, Hants. on 20/09/1918 together with Garrett No.4 tractor 33388 registration number BJ3999. The trailer was seen at an auction sale possibly at Much Marcle traction engine rally in 1984.  15783 web

15873 6 ton trailer new to R McKenzie 14/01/1920. Beautifully restored by John Glynn, Carlow. Photographed in 2019.

(Photo courtesy of John Glynn)

 15873 web
15874 6 ton trailer to E J C Ballam 23/04/1920. Photographed in Suffolk 2002.  15874 web
16314 - 3-4 ton Arato tracking trailer, Australia  
Unidentified Arato tracking trailer, formerly at The Village Experience, Fleggburgh. It is understood that this trailer entered preservation from Garrett's works and had been used within the works. The wheels are smaller diameter than normal and it is speculated that the trailer was returned by a dissatisfied customer and then converted for use in the works by modifying the wheels.
Photo taken at auction, 2004
16470 - 3-4 ton trailer on phosphor bronze floating bushes. This was the prototype 3-4 ton steam wagon trailer; produced to supersede the Arato trailer that had not lived up to the expectations of a more complex and expensive trailer.  
16470 under restoration, c.1990
Unidentified 5-6 ton roller bearing trailer, North East England
unknown Garrett trailer
Photo: Richard Straughan
Unidentified 3-4 ton roller bearing trailer, Ireland  
17351 - 5-6 ton end tipping trailer, Hertfordshire, England
17351 at auction, Hatfield Woodhouse, 1988
17718 - 5-6 ton side tipping trailer, Bedfordshire, England
17718 with wagon 34841, Old Warden, 2012

17719 - 5-6 ton side tipping trailer, Suffolk, England.

(Photo courtesy of Charles Baker)

 17719 1

17916 - 5-6 ton end tipping trailer on roller bearings, Sussex, England.

Trailer with tipping body missing.

(Photo courtesy of Mr P.Love)


Unidentified 5-6 ton trailer on roller bearings. There is no G logo on the wheels, which suggests that it was purchased through another AGE company. East Sussex, England.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Cook)



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