Willys Overland Crossley "Manchester" trucks used Lycoming CT engines imported into the United Kingdom from Lycoming Manufacturing Co. in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.

The following trucks also had Lycoming CT engines:

1924 - 31    Gramm Bern 10     1 - 1 ¼ ton
1926           Gramm Kine        1 - 1 ½ ton
1925 - 29    Grass Premier        1 ½ ton
1927 - 30    International Harvester S24  1 ¼ ton
1927 - 30    International Harvester 34    1 ½ ton
1927 - 30    International Harvester    2 ton
1925 - 30    Republic        1 ¼ - 1 ½ ton
1925 - 26    Ruggles        1 ton
1927 - 28    Ruggles 18        1 ¼ ton
1925 - 26    Stewart        1 ton
1927 - 30    Stewart  16 - 25x    1 ¼ - 2 ton
They were also used in Fageol tractors.

It would appear that a large number of the Lycoming CT engines was made. The engine number can be found at the rear of the engine on a horizontal surface behind the exhaust manifold flange. The earliest engine number we are aware of is 43900 on Manchester A1 truck MT10199 and the latest is 54096 on a Manchester LBX4 bus MT30274. It should be noted that the different sizes of truck appear to have used blocks of chassis numbers and there are unlikely to be 20,275 trucks manufactured between these two examples.

We have experienced difficulties with the oil pump and oil pressure regulating valve on our engine. The housings for these two components are  cast in MAZAK (more commonly known now as ZAMAK), which I understand is an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper. This material tends to expand distort and crack as it ages. As a consequence we were unable to extract the oil pump stem from the crankcase, without damage, and had to have a new stem machined from bronze.

oil pump components

The oil pressure reduced to zero due to distortion of the bottom cover of the pump, allowing the oil to leak from the pump into the sump and distortion of the oil pressure valve flange, allowing the oil to bypass the pressure regulating valve.

oil regulator

I am looking for a cylinder block for one of these engines if anyone has one, or a complete engine, available for me to buy.

Here is a copy of a publication for the care and operation of the Lycoming "C" series 4 cylinder engines. This should be of interest to anyone with a truck or tractor fitted with a Lycoming CT engine.

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