I have inherited a few old log books and will be posting copies of them over the next few weeks. Please note that the log books are displayed in reverse order with the latest posted at the top of the page.

Log book No.1 Foden 11502 MB7284

Log book No.2 Foden 12242 KM4713

Log book No.3 Foden 11430 CR3153

Log book No.4 Clayton 7138* FE9538 (* I doubt that this works number is correct.)

Log book No.5 Burrell wagon 4082 VF4634

Log book No.6 Foden wagon 13372 VO1092

Log book No.7 Mann wagon 1674 TU6765

Log book No.8 Sentinel waggon 5267 PR1857

Log book No.9 Foden 13450 UW1190


Log book No.9 is for a Foden 6 ton wagon, registration number UW1190 and works number 13450. It was first registered on 19th September 1929  The last licence was valid until 31st December 1949. This is a duplicate log book commencing on 5th March 1941 and it can be seen that the wagon had several owners in quick succession. The wagon appears to have been converted to an agricultural tractor by 1940 and was registered as a tractor for road haulage during 1941, reverting to agricultural use in the same year. It was unlicensed in 1944 and then taxed for road haulage in 1945 before being re-registered as agricultural again.

Foden 13450 UW1190 a 1200

Foden 13450 UW1190 1200


Log book No.8 is for a Sentinel Waggon, registration number PR1857 and works number 5267. It was first registered on 31st January 1924  The last licence was valid until 31st December 1945.

Sentinel 5267 PR1857 a 1200

Sentinel 5267 PR1857 1200


Log book No.7 is for a Mann 4 ton steam tipping wagon, registration number TU6765 and works number 1674. It was first registered on 10th October 1927 to Edward Kerfoot Smith of Dukinfield and he is the only registered keeper. The last licence was valid until 31st December 1933 and careful study of the pencil notes alongside the licensing stamps reveals that the road tax would have increased from £54/0/0 per annum to £93/6/8 a staggering £39/6/8 increase, at which point Mr Smith must have considered further operation of the wagon to be uneconomic.

Mann 1674 TU6765 a 1200

Mann 1674 TU6765 1200


Log book No.6 is a continuation book for a Foden steam wagon registration number VF4634 and works number 13372. It was first registered on 4th May 1929. This continuation book is dated 23rd July 1941 the wagon was re-registered as a road construction vehicle (tax exempt) tar tanker for Tar & Concrete Road Construction Co. Ltd. of Newark it was last registered in 1949.

Foden 13372 VO1092 a 1200

Foden 13372 VO1092 1200


Log book No.5 is a continuation book for a Burrell steam wagon registration number VF4634 and works number 4082. It was first registered on 16th November 1928. This continuation book is dated 2nd April 1932 the wagon was re-registered as a steam plough on 14th February 1940 by Edward Lynton Anning of Colchester. After several changes of ownership it was last registered in 1949.

Burrell 4082

Burrell 4082


Log book No.4 is a continuation book for a Clayton tractor registration number FE9538 but the works number is given as 7138 which does not appear to be correct. It was first registered on 10th August 1924. The continuation book is dated January 1942 and the tractor was owned by Mrs Eleanor A Whittaker of Leominster.

Clayton 7138 FE9538 a 1200

Clayton 7138 FE9538 1200


Log book No.3 is another Foden, this time a continuation book for wagon 11430 registration number CR3153 new on 20th June 1924. This book is dated 6th April 1932 in the name of George Baker & Sons Ltd., Southampton. The type of body is Trailer Goods and the description of the vehicle is 6 wheeler. Presumably this was a flexible six-wheeler. The amount of duty paid is for a wagon and trailer.Foden 11430 CR9153 a 1200

Foden 11430 CR9153 1200


Log book No.2 Like the last one, this is a continuation log book, issued in 1939. Continuation books were issued when the record of licences issued was filled or the changes of ownership exceeded seven. It can be seen that this Foden, C-type 12242 registration number KM4713 was new as Goods (Steam) + Trailer on 1st June 1926 for Messrs F & H Cremer of Faversham, Kent. Last licensed in Kent in 1939, it went to F Goymer of Barking, Essex in 1942 and then later in the same year to Ind Coope and Allsopp, brewers at Burton on Trent. The last licence expired on 31st December 1946 and it is assumed that the wagon was laid aside at some time during 1946. It is interesting to note that the licence was still for Goods (Steam) + Trailer in 1946. 

Foden 12242 KM4713 1200

Foden 12242 KM4713 a 1200


First we have Foden C-type 6 ton overtype wagon MB7284 Royalty number 11502, registered as a Road Construction Vehicle on 10th December 1941 by Tar & Concrete Road Construction Co. Ltd. of Sleaford Road Newark.

Foden 11502 MB7284 a 1200

Foden 11502 MB7284 1200

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