We have attempted to compile a list of the known surviving Garrett wagon trailers. We are not including surviving traction wagons, threshing machines or living vans.

16314 - 3-4 ton Arato tracking trailer, Australia  
Unidentified Arato tracking trailer, formerly at The Village Experience, Fleggburgh.  
Photo taken at auction, 2004
16470 - 3-4 ton trailer  
16470 under restoration, c.1990
Unidentified 5-6 ton roller bearing trailer, North East England  
Unidentified 3-4 ton roller bearing trailer, Ireland  
17351 - 5-6 ton end tipping trailer, Hertfordshire, England  
17351 at auction, Hatfield Woodhouse, 1988
17718 - 5-6 ton side tipping trailer, Bedfordshire, England  
17719 - 5-6 ton side tipping trailer, Suffolk, England  
17916 - 5-6 ton end tipping trailer, Sussex, England  
Trailer with tipping body missing.
Unidentified 5-6 ton trailer, Sussex, England