Garrett 34841

This is our wagon on Christmas Day 2002, after we had returned from our annual Christmas card delivery. Why not join me on a tour around the vehicle?

We commence the tour at the front offside of the wagon. Here you can see the large steering box, the ashpan and the lower part of the boiler. The bronze fitting is a blowdown valve (used to drain out water containing sediment between washout days) and the door is for cleaning out the fire. To the right of the blowdown valve is a mudhole, which is used when washing out the boiler.

Steering box
Moving along the offside we come to the engine and gearbox. There are two gears inside the casing behind the chain sprocket, which give high and low speeds. The differential is housed in the same casing and drive to the rear wheels is by chain from a sprocket at each side of the engine. The small gear wheel on the chain sprocket is a speedometer drive. Gearbox
Crawling under the wagon we arrive at the front of the engine where we can see the cylinder end and piston valve covers. The copious amounts of oil are due to the difficulty in sealing the flexible exhaust pipe. engine
We are now at the nearside and can see the water pump which is driven by a gear on the end of the crankshaft. The small lever and rod above the pump gear casing drive the cylinder lubricator. pump
This picture shows the 2" pitch chain drive from the countershaft to the rear axle. The differential is mounted in the countershaft case and there is a chain to each rear wheel. The axle is held the correct distance from the engine by the radius rods which are attached immediately to the rear of the chain sprocket. chain
Here is the 180 gallon water tank. The armoured hose is for picking up water from roadside streams and ponds but it is essential that the water is clean. The water is sucked into the tank by a steam operated waterlifter tank
A view of the rear end of the wagon. rear
Now we have climbed into the cab and are looking at the equipment on the fireman's side. The large black vertical cylindrical object with the bent pipe leading to the chimney is the feedwater heater. You can also see the pressure gauge, the manzel lubricator and the water gauge glass. firing
On the driver's side there is the steering wheel to the left is the stop valve lever. To the right are two levers the taller one is the handbrake and the other is the reversing lever. The small pedal on the extreme right is the accelerator and the larger pedal to the left of this is the brake. The small lever on the steering column is to control the boiler feed pump. driving
This view shows the luxurious driving seat. The injector can just be seen under the seat; conveniently placed between the driver's legs. To the left of the driver is the coal bunker, which is empty in this view. The levers between the bunker and driver's seat are the gear lever, which has two positions, and the cylinder drain lever. The valve on the boiler is steam for the injector. crew
Finally we see the crew enjoying their day out. crew