Like many other vehicle manufacturers, Garretts supplied badges for drivers and firemen of their undertype steam wagons. I have discovered the existence of three styles of Garrett badge.

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The earliest badge is circular and features a stylised front view of a wagon. The wagon depicted would have been built c.1922 since it features the small inspection door in the front apron and the large "G" as found on Garrett steam engines produced after Garretts had joined A.G.E. in 1919. It therefore seems likely that this badge was produced from 1922 onwards. It is 1" diameter, made from brass and has an enamel face.

first badge

The second badge is a lioness over a blue banner and is fixed with a pin. It was supplied by Garretts at some time after 1924 following the introduction of the lioness motif representing the attributes of the Garrett Undertype Wagon "Strength - Speed - Silence". This badge was manufactured by J.A.Wylie & Co. of London. We discovered one of these badges being used as the emblem on the front apron for a small demonstration model constructed by Garretts in 1927. See the Garrett Models page.

second badge

The final badge was given to me in 1980 by Mrs King from Southam whose father had driven one of the three piston valve engined wagons owned by Kaye & Company, cement manufacturers of Southam, Warwickshire.

third badge

The badge was mentioned in the "Care and Management of the Garrett Undertype Steam Wagon", an instruction booklet for drivers produced c.1929; a page of which is shown below. The badge pictured above has a buttonhole type of fixing, which is why I have referred to them as lapel badges.


The length of the badge is approximately 2 1/4", the height is 7/8". I am considering having some replica badges produced but the cost of tooling is very high and so I am trying to gauge the interest in having some badges made.

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