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Garrett Trailers

Garrett Wagon and Trailer

Works No. 16470

3-4 ton trailer

Date: 1924

The above trailer was built in 1924 by Richard Garrett & Sons Ltd. as the prototype of a new range of trailers with steel wheels and solid rubber tyres for use with steam wagons. Garretts used it for demonstration purposes with lorry number 34371 as shown in the above photograph. In January 1926 the Garretts sold the trailer with second-hand lorry number 34181 to Blackstone & Co. of Stamford, Lincolnshire, a fellow member of Agricultural & General Engineers Ltd. The punitive effect on owners of steam wagons on solid rubber tyres caused by the changes in the taxation of vehicles in 1934 was probably the reason that Blackstones sold the lorry to the Derbyshire Carriage and Wagon Company who converted it into a railway shunting locomotive for use in their works. However, Blackstones kept the trailer for internal use and it was spotted by Terry Lee of Leicester in 1989. The trailer was still at work carrying diesel engine castings. Terry passed the information about the trailer on to me and when the opportunity arose I visited Blackstone's works. Following negotiations with Blackstones I was able to purchase the trailer for preservation. The trailer had been modified slightly during its working life, but these modifications have been rectified and the trailer is now being restored for use behind Garrett steam lorry 34841.

Garrett Works photograph of one of the prototype trailers, probably the 6 tonner 16461.

A number of similar Garrett trailers have survived in preservation and I am attempting to compile a register of the survivors. If you have any information or photographs of Garrett trailers I would be pleased to receive details.

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