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The Leeds & District Traction Engine Club.
This is my local club, whose meetings and functions I try to attend.

The Traction Engine Discussion Forum.
The site to visit for sales and wanted advertisements, noticeboard and a comprehensive set of links.

The Sentinel Driver's Club.

Threshers Bush Steam Club.

vintage spirit logoVintage Spirit
The online version of a popular preservation magazine.

Old Glory
The online version of a popular preservation magazine.

The Long Shop.
The museum, in part of Garrett's former works, dedicated to the history of the company and its products.

Steam & Engine of Australia.
This is a very large site with links to all manner of steam, internal combustion and hot air engines plus much more; well worth a visit.

The Ekotechnicke Museum in Prague. I visited this museum, housed in a former sewage treatment plant, during August 2004. The magnificent buildings contain a pair of large pumping engines. The underground brick chambers are cathedral-like in their construction. At the time of our visit the Skoda steam roller was under restoration in the workshop and the remains of a Fowler ploughing engine and a Clayton & Shuttleworth portable could be seen in the grounds.

Essex Steam
Essex Steam is a collaboration between John Giles and John Murphy. John Giles currently owns 3 rollers (2 steam and one diesel) along with a living van. John Murphy has been interested in steam for a lifetime, and remembers the days when steam rollers where in use to mend the roads in Maldon. As a boy he lived opposite the Council yard, where the rollers were stored and operated.

Steam in Action.
This website is dedicated to ensuring that South Africa's magnificent rail and steam heritage survives into the future. They publish a monthly newsletter which, whilst mainly dealing with railway matters, also covers steam on road and on the water. Please sign up to this site since it helps raise the profile of the organisation.

Here is a selection of Czech sites about Garretts and Sentinels.

This site gives details about the firm of Adamov, which purchased a Garrett wagon in 1925 along with sufficient parts to build several wagons and a licence to build them in Czechoslovakia.

sentinely ve fotografii
A Czech site about Skoda Sentinels. I can't read the text but the pictures are superb.

Davo Models.
On this page there are links to photographs of Skoda Sentinel models and full size wagons.

Preserved Skoda Sentinel.

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