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The Junkyard

Welcome to the junk yard. On this page I have listed a number of items surplus to my current requirements, if they are of interest to you please contact me and make me an offer. I would rather swap some of the parts listed for articles I need rather than sell them.
I have also listed a number of items I would like to obtain to keep our vehicles running.


Solid Rubber Tyres 12" x 40" and 180 x 771 mm 160 x 670mm and 140 x 670mm available to swap for 160 x 850 mm, 180 x 720 mm and 100 x 670mm tyres.

Sentinel S type waggon connecting rods.

Selection of steam valves and fittings.

Pressure gauges a small selection, please enquire about sizes and types.

Gauge glass protectors, many sizes.

Austin 7 Ruby windscreen and other parts, please ask.


Oldfield 'Dependence' Tail Lamp No 570 as shown below

Oldfield Dependence 570

Oldfield 'Dependence' Water Gauge Lamp No 886.

Acetylene Headlamps for commercial vehicle and separate generator.

CAV Dynamo type F low speed 12 volt dynamo (or similar) to complete a period lighting set for my wagon.

Garrett undertype steam wagon instructions for drivers booklet.

Any Garrett undertype steam wagon parts.

Lycoming type CT four cylinder side valve engine for Willys Overland Crossley 'Manchester' truck. I particularly want a cylinder block to rebuild an engine, similar to that shown below.

Engine off side

Solid rubber tyres 160 x 850 mm, 180 x 720 mm, 100 x 670 mm and 40" x 12"


By e-mail: Michael Walters.

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